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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead, serve and educate diverse communities through the selling of real estate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give every person a path to real estate ownership while inspiring creativity, promoting diversity and demonstrating faith.

Our Story

Camino is defined as the way or path. At Camino Real Estate, we believe every person deserves a path to real estate ownership. We are committed to this conviction and committed to providing a luxury service to all clients, whether buying or selling a home.


Camino Real Estate was founded by Sam and Maria Mason, the dynamic husband and wife real estate team. As top real estate agents in Dallas/Ft. Worth, they saw a need in the marketplace for a luxury service offered to diverse clientele.

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Our Values


Our faith and biblical principles are the foundation on which we conduct our business and lives. We believe that faith is of primary importance for all people in any walk of life. John 14:6


Integrity is at the core of who we are. Honesty, transparency and humility are characteristics we exemplify, and we will not compromise our integrity for any reason.


We are a diverse people and change makers, committed to ending racism in our communities. We are convinced the world is a stronger and better place when we learn from and surround ourselves with others of diverse backgrounds.


We are passionate about education. Our belief is everyone deserves to be educated about real estate. The heartbeat behind our passion for education is our workshops, public speaking engagements and educational events.


We are creatives and want to inspire creativity in all we do. We believe creativity comes in many forms and we want to celebrate it in every form and in all people. We look for opportunities to use creative solutions to solve real estate obstacles/challenges through expert negotiations, contract drafting, home searches and selling.


We are leaders in our community. We develop our team to be leaders, to impact the people and communities that surround them. We challenge our team to lead out in ways, big or small, that complement their strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly we lead by serving others.


We believe service is leadership in action. We serve our clients. We serve our vendors, families and friends. We serve in our communities through local organizations and a percentage of proceeds are given to worthy causes.

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We offer the highest level of expertise, service, and integrity.